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**Chew Proof Piddle Pads, that are worth every penny. Samples given with every puppy. Cheaper ones will turn into confetti and are a waste of money with our little bundles of energy.

I initially train the puppies with whistle commands, you can continue the training easily by adding clicks and a high pitch whistle.

You will be suprised at how fast your new ECS can run, and this "Chuck It" will make you the throwing master!

Great for all Dogs and Puppies

All natural and easy to digest, Bully Sticks are another great tool for teething puppies!

**The ECS puppies ears are very sensitive and prone to problems. Getting into a routine of keeping them clean will lower the chance of hearing loss and ear infections (aka. stinking ears). Not all cleaning solution is created equal, this is a great store bought solution. I personally prefer to make my own, contact me if you would like the recipe.

The most common question I am asked, is what food I recommend and what supplies a new puppy owner will need.  Below are simply my recommendations.  They are items we use in our home and that I know are good quality.  I have marked ** next to those I feel are necessary the first few weeks of ECS puppy ownership.

Regarding food, please use a good quality Puppy Food especially for the first yea.  Studies have shown that the quality of the food does make a difference in the lifespan of your dog. Rule of thumb: buy the best that you can afford, you will save in vet bills in the long run.  I also have a very healthy/active 15 year old ECS as proof of it's success.  I am a personal fan of Purina products, Pro Plan, Dingo, Waggin Train, etc..

An Engaged Puppy, is a Well Behaved Puppy

**Important for the first few months of potty training. your puupy should sleep in a crate like this at night so he/she can learn to hold his/her bladder.

This pen works great for daytime playtime, when your not able to watch the puppy 100%

Available in different colors, this genius toy gives off a tiny heart beat and even has warming packets to simulate a puppy's littermates. A huge safe those first few nights in a new home.

This cover has saved my car interior many times!!

I leave this food out 24/7 and let them feed themselves. No worries on weight problems with this breed, just let help them get big and strong.
**I will also mix food with the canned food to help keep their digestion regular.

Maria's Must Haves for New Puppies!

Maria's Must Haves for New Puppies!

You will find this bags handy to keep in your car door, utility drawer, travel bag, etc.
Not only are they great for picking up dog poop, I use them for mini trash bags in my car, shoe bags when I travel, accidents in the house, etc.

Potty Training Aids, Bedding, Organizers

**Mix half a can of wet with some dry food, and you will see your puppy's growth take off. It is balanced in calcium, high quality proteins, necessary vitamins to give your puppy a good, healthy foundation.

Recommended Food & Treats - What we serve in our home and to your puppy

This is my favorite shampoo for any dog with a white coat

Our Favorite Products

Travel Carrier, so worth it's weight in gold the first few months of puppy parenthood. Use it for all car travel so the puppy feels protected and gets the socialization it needs for a healthy emotional adulthood.

They come with or without Rivets to keep the pads in place (depending on you pen/cage setup. You can also cut them down to different sizes. They wash up like new and I have some that are 8 years old and still look like new, we even use them for when we are doing haircuts.

Maria's Must Haves for New Puppies!

Sometimes hard to find, but they are the perfect rawhide for puppies, playful and easy on their digestive system.

**Need a break? Fill up one of these with kibble or training treats and let the puppy Entertain themselves.
Perfect size for larger bags of dog food, best price is on amazon.

This is a great way to recycle your old pillows while giving your puppy the peace of having your scent close by.

I break these into smaller pieces, but these are big hit with the puppies too

Grooming and Personal Care

**These are nice soft treats, extra small, that are perfect for training.

**The kids just LOVE this all-natural chew toy!
  • Extremely long-lasting and durable
  • Great for teething
  • A natural toothbrush
  • Splinter-free

**Every litter I buy a new one for the pups, this toy is a natural hit for the little ones, until Mom steals it.

Fancier version of the same metal crate, to make it look like a part of your household furniture.