A Puppy Homecoming

A puppy, like a human baby, requires more than his weight in equipment from the beginning. Let’s look at the New Puppy Checklist of things you will need to own as soon as you chose your puppy: 

  • Travel Crate or Soft-Sided Carrier. This will help you bring your puppy home and take him to the vet or visits to friends safely. The crate goes in the back seat or cargo area, preferably seat-belted in.
  • Leash and Collar Or Harness. Expect to replace these as he grows, but it’s best to get a new puppy used to wearing his tags and walking on a leash. Apply for the ID tags as soon as you know your dog’s name.
  • Food and Water Bowls. These should be sturdy and easy to clean as well as a medium in size.
  • Food. It’s a good idea to begin with the same food we use, Pro Plan Focus.  If you wish to modify the puppy’s food, do this by mixing 50/50 of the old with the new for a few days.  This will keep your puppy from getting sick and dehydrated.
  • Bed. Every doggy needs a soft, washable snuggly place to call his own.
  • Crate. We start the crate training process, and recommend you continue this to help make potty training easier. 
  • Piddle Pads.  New puppies leak, please be patient they want you to love them, but it takes them 3-4 months until their muscles grow enough to hold it past an hour.  We highly recommend the piddle pads on our products page, while they are more expensive, they aren’t easily chewed up and save money by lasting longer and not turning into a snowy mess!
  • Toys. A variety of safe toys to chew and snuggle with make a puppy feel at home.   ECSPups are highly intelligent and love stimulation, so we recommend puzzles and burrowing type toys that work with their instincts.

          (Check out our recommended products page for the products we use in our own home)

How To Prepare Your Home For A Puppy

Inviting a puppy into your life provides a great opportunity for housecleaning on a major scale. Since puppies will chew and swallow anything, make sure the floor is very clean of debris. Elevate and secure electrical cords. Time to give up candles, a glass menagerie and candy jars on the coffee table for a while. Cigarette butts, chocolate, grapes and ant traps are toxic and dangerous for puppies, so get any random objects out of your puppy’s reach.  If you have kids, this is the time they too will learn to pick up their favorite shoes, or else!!

You can puppy-proof rooms your puppy shouldn’t enter with baby gates. Do not use the old accordion-style gates; they are as dangerous for puppies as they are for toddlers. Gates that open easily, secure tightly, and can be seen through will protect your puppy from dangerous areas and will save your special rooms from puppy accidents.

Remember, puppies WILL get into things. So you will need to behave differently than you did pre-puppy. Do not leave grocery bags, purses, briefcases, backpacks or any easy-to-open containers on the floor. Block off stairs until you know puppy can go up and down without taking a tumble. Basically, think human toddler times 4. 

                                 At ECSPups, we live in a Ranch style home, so our puppies have no idea what stairs are!!

Bringing home a new puppy is always a very exciting and special day that you will always remember. For the puppy it may be the day he left his littermates and mother and the beginning of the best part of his life, but also a terrifying day of changes and unfamiliar faces and smells. We try to help, by providing a used toy that smells like home, please keep this with him/her to help them through the transition.  You can also try to reduce stress by making his/her drive home as calm and quiet as possible. Make sure s/he goes to the bathroom before getting in the car. You could put him/her in his crate, but a small and quiet puppy can be carried in a blanket by a family member or friend. Make sure you talk to him/her all the way home.  Our puppies respond well to singing and humming, it’s how we sooth them during their stay with us.

Entering your house should be made calm and happy for him. Keep his greeters down to immediate family and allow him/her to play and sleep according to his/her rhythms. Make sure s/he eats and, especially that s/he drinks and take him/her out often so s/he can relieve him/herself.  Our puppies will whine when they need to do their #2 business, however during the first day it will be difficult to tell why the puppy is whining.  Just be patient and take them outside often.  It’s not a bad idea the first few nights to put the crate in your bedroom at night and lay with them till they fall asleep, you can then quietly sneak to bed without them any the wiser.  Remember s/he went from 9 warm bed companions to none, so a few plush toys in his bed substitute might also help.

We hope this helps you through the first few days of your puppy homecoming, but please don’t hesitate to reach out to use with questions.


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