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Our first preference is always local pick up by the new owner.  This is for a few reasons, for one we get to personally meet each other, two you as the buyer get to see how and where your puppy was raised and third you can be there for the puppy, to comfort them during the stress of the transportation. 

With that said, we do understand that sometimes finding the best personality fit, with the most loving and long-term home sometimes means that the puppy will need to travel long distances, which is not practical for local pick up.  Because of this, we will offer two other alternative transportation services.

*** Please note: if you decide to fly your puppy, then the puppy will need to be at least

8 weeks of age, this is following the AAHA guidelines followed by any reputable breeder.  

Full payment, plus the additional cost of transportation must be received, via PayPal,

prior to any airline/Puppy Nanny booking.  There is a large amount of upfront cost for us,

and we need to ensure you are serious about your purchase.  

Please know that since the payment is made through PayPal, you are always protected

under their Buyer Protection guarantee.  

Puppy Nanny Air Service    (Outsource to a 3rd Party)

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Airline Stewardess (often retired) who will use up their frequent flyer miles and take a puppy as a carryon to the desired destination.  They are puppy loving and VERY skilled nannies. The puppy is carried on board in their lap, loved on & cuddled at all times, and cared for every step of the way! They have food, treats, chewies, and water during their trip. (and of course, toys to play with!)

During airport layovers, the nanny will take your puppy to a safe location so they may relieve themselves. This will usually be a family/companion restroom on a pee pad. They remain low key to avoid people gathering and wanting to pet and/or handle your puppy. Your puppy may already be a little shaken due to traveling, excessive handling is the last thing they need.

We will set up a few possible flight dates when your puppy is 6 weeks old. Please be advised that the nannies fly on a standby basis, therefore it’s difficult to determine the best flights/times for your delivery until usually within a week prior to your scheduled delivery date. The nanny will be contacting you approximately 5 days prior to the scheduled delivery with estimated delivery information. The actual time of arrival at your airport may change as to the available flights for her. She will keep in constant contact with you on your cell phone during your puppy’s trip.

Please understand that it is not very “convenient” for either my puppy buyers or me to fly my puppies with my nannies. They fly on a “stand-by” basis that may cause a last minute change for your pick-up time, or possibly even miss a flight because it is already full. There is not much flexibility on dates & times flying the puppies this way.

The nanny will not be able to give us an expected delivery time until 2-3 days before the flight. She has to wait until closer to that day before she knows how full the flights will be.

With all of this said, if you have to fly your puppy this is the best service to use because it is the least stressful on the puppy.  

The nanny/flight cost is a quoted cost (based on distance and airport accessibility), approx. $600.  The final quoted “Additional” cost will include my travel cost to the airport, a brand new travel carrier, food/drink supplies, additional Vet certificate and additional vaccines/wormers paperwork needed to fly.  The flying method takes a large amount of planning and supplies on my side, and I do my best to only charge what I actually incur.

This is the only airline I will hand my puppies over to, and I would still much prefer using the Air Nanny service.  However, the United PetSafe Program is by far the best out there.  The puppy will never be left to the elements, is kept in the cabin just like you and me, and is transported to/from the plane by temperature controlled van.   You do loose any one-on-one nurturing of the dog like you do with the nanny program, but it is a highly trusted program, even used by Westminister Kennel Club.  read more here

The cost varies, but a quote can be provided and it is usually cheaper than the Nanny program.  The "Additional Cost" will include same as the Nanny program; my travel to the airport, an airline approved carrier, necessary Veterinarian documents, shots, and wormings, along with all other provisions needed to make the journey a safe one.

United Airlines - PetSafe Transportation