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Regardless of whether you are looking for a side-kick in life or a hunting buddy, you will not be disappointed in this extremely smart and well-mannered breed.

This dog is designed for hunting, flushing and retrieving small game, but I love them just as a family dog.   They are great with small children and at their full size will weight approx. 30-38lbs, making them a great medium sized dog.

Our baby, Roxy Ru (the Mom/Dam), comes from a highly respected bloodline.  We have purchased multiple dogs from Flushing Star Training & Breeder and we have always loved the temperament and trainability of the dog.  He has been featured in Gun Dog Magazine, Spaniels in the Field, Sporting Dog (U.K.), Field and Hunting Dogs (Denmark), Cleveland Plain Dealer, and Canadian Dogs Afield.   The breeder has decided to no longer breed the dogs, and to only focus on the hunting/training side of his business, which is why I decided to get back into breeding these wonderful dogs.  

Petey, an absolute character.  He came from Roxy's first litter.

From our home to yours....

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AKC English Cocker Spaniel

Tim and myself... I am so proud of him, 23 years serving on the Police force and the Emergency Response Team, along with serving our great country during the Persian Gulf War as proud Marine. 

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Roxy when my Dad picked her up from the
​Breeders (Flushing Star) in Ohio.